Assembler Module


– Capable of assembling both coin cells and single-layer pouch cells
– Reliable cell assembly with less than 0.2 mm component misalignment
– Fully or semi-automated operation, depending on use of the Autoloader module
– Cell build quality report automatically generated
– Create, save, and load cell build routines which are completely customisable
– Automatic head exchange to minimise cross-contamination
– Argon glovebox compatible; fits through standard large antechamber

– Assembles approximately 12-24 cells per hour depending on build procedure
– Compatible with pure Li and Na metal electrodes for half-cell configurations
– Compatible with all common separator materials, including PP based
– Compatible with all common electrolytes
– Compatible with curved electrodes
– Automated 5-200 μL micropipette for electrolyte
– Removable rack holds 4 × 2 mL vials and pipette tips
– USB ports for data extraction, system updates, and connection to external balance
– Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity
– API for external process control and database interaction
– Operator collision detection with safe stop
– Connects to and controls the Sealer and
– Autoloader modules
– Dimensions (W x H x D): 380 x 290 x 275 mm
– Weight: 10 kg
– Operating voltage: 24 V
– Peak power draw: 60 W
– Nominal power draw: 20 W
– Ambient Temperature: 10-30°C

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