Multi-Layer Pouch Cell Assembly

Cutting System

Mechanical or laser based cutting solution for anode, cathode and separator materials. Flexible system capable of quickly cutting different materials in many shapes and sizes.

Stacking System

Designed for rapidly exploring new cell geometries and materials, the Stacking System is compact and easy to reconfigure. Swappable handling heads enable Li-metal, solid-state chemistries, and curved electrodes to be used, and straight stacking helps cells remain stable when electrodes swell.

Multi-Functional Press

Space saving press tool solution capable of pouch forming, 3-side pouch sealing and electrode stack lamination. Additional press functions under development and available upon request.

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Unleash the Full Potential of Your Technology

Cellerate provides an integrated workflow which allows for fast and flexible cell development. Use Cellerate systems to build reliable prototype cells in the 1 to 20 Ah capacity range. Quickly reconfigure the cell shape, size, and materials to evaluate new technologies in an application environment.
Cellerate’s flexible solution for rapid cell prototyping enables optimised cell design for organisations that want to produce 100 to 1000 multi-layer pouch cells per week. The three elements of our system work together to allow you to explore novel cell formats and prototype application-ready cells while saving on both lab space and staff time.

Designed by
Battery Scientists,
For Battery Scientists

Unleash the potential of your chemistry. Benefits of Cellerate’s innovative approach to cell prototyping include:

  • Quick changing between cell geometries.
  • Creation of application-specific demonstration cells.
  • Exploration of performance at a larger scale.
  • Easily adaptable to different electrode materials and separator types.
  • Argon glovebox and lithium metal compatible.

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